Wall Art: The Farm Quarterly, 1957

I am so totally excited.

I was down in our basement, searching desperately for some creative wall decor to add to the walls in the dining room. I figured that before I go out and spend money on some new junk, I’d better investigate my tubs of miscellaneous junk downstairs.

I found a bunch of old National Geographic maps (1950’s) that could be cool, along with a couple of touristy license plates. Not sure if I’ll use them, but they are options.



But I’m most excited about this old magazine I found:


I got this from my grandma YEARS ago. It’s “The Farm Quarterly,” Spring 1957. Love it, love it, love it. I think it’s so cool, but never knew what to do with it, so in a box it’s been sitting. Since it’s been hidden for years, the colors are still vibrant and gorgeous. It’s full of ads for old school farming products: John Deere, Pioneer, Allis-Chalmers, Massey-Harris, and TONS of others that I’ve never heard of but are still super neat looking. I even love the old articles…like “The Farmer’s Daughter.” So it hit me…I could totally frame some of them for our dining room and kitchen!!





It’s kind of goofy, and not everyone’s style, but I think they’d be a neat addition to a hodge-podge room. Throw some paint on a boring frame and voila! A fun piece of artwork.


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