What I’m Reading This Week

A few new magazines found their way into our house over the past few days. And I am loving them both. I’m out of books at the moment and have discovered that magazines are kind of perfect for my life at the moment…short little bursts of reading are all I can manage for now. 🙂


The first is “Fresh Style,” which was 100% a splurge impulse buy as I was standing in the checkout line at the Grocery Kart. I’m talking about tons of cute projects. There are a few creative project ideas for MOPS, a few ideas for the ever-evolving living room makeover, and a few super cute kid crafts and organization ideas. Totally worth the $8. Abby loves it, too; she won’t put it down. Hence the ripped cover.

The other magazine is “Click,” which I got free in the mail as a trial issue. I’ve been suckered into a few different photography mag subscriptions in the past…this one beats all of them hands down. It’s geared toward women/moms, and isn’t filled with technical photography mumbo jumbo that I don’t understand. It is filled with loads of inspirational photos and ideas to get you shooting, and after reading i felt energized to pick up my big dog camera, which is something I haven’t felt for quite a while. (I’ve been lazily relying on my little point and shoot and have been settling for so-so kid pics lately.) A subscription for this one is $15 for a year (6 issues), which is decent…but not something in our budget, so I may pass on it. Tempting, though. Super cute magazine!

What are you reading lately?


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