Fabric-covered Notebooks

I had a really cute craft planned for MOOS today. But at 8 pm last night, I realized I was missing a pretty important material for the craft, so I quickly switched to another idea…fabric covered journals! I made one of these when I was in college eons ago and I still have it, so I thought it’d be a fun, easy craft for our MOPS group.

I bought composition books, spray adhesive and fabric glue at Alco and brought fabric scraps and some ribbon from my stash at home. It was as easy as that! We sprayed adhesive on the notebooks to attach the fabric, then used the fabric glue to tack down the edges and add ribbon. They all turned out so super cute! And now we all have notebooks to capture thoughts and ideas during our meetings. Love!!



6 thoughts on “Fabric-covered Notebooks

  1. Good job Jen!!! We did this a few years ago, only our group is huge so we used Mod Podge for gluing the fabric to the notebook. Much cheaper and less fear of mis-sprayed glue 🙂 They took a bit to dry but turned out great also!! It is amazing what you can do with 60 ladies and a few bottles of Mod Podge. If you ever get stuck, send me an email!

  2. I’m bummed I missed this project! 😦 Sorry I didn’t make it… too much sickness and days on the road. We just needed a day of rest. (And I didn’t wake up that morning till 10, whoops!)

    • We missed you!! I have extra notebooks, so you can totally still make one if you want. 🙂 Sounds like you needed a restful day at home…hope you’re all feeling better!!

      • I planned to let you know I wasn’t going to make it, but didn’t really decide until late the night before. Figured I would text you, but since I woke up at 10am… I figured it was too late. What ever works for the notebook, I can totally pay you for the stuff, I don’t need to short you! We are feeling better, but this stuff just lingers!

      • I know!! It’s a nasty, never-ended bug that’s going around. Terrible! I’d be happy to bring notebook supplies to the next meeting. Do you need fabric, or do you have some you’d like to use? Just let me know…I can bring that, too. 🙂

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