And in Recent News…

– I singlehandedly took out our dishwasher. As in, completely broke it beyond repair. Long story short, I tripped and landed on the door while it was open and all 120 of me landed full force on top of the door, causing the door to no longer close. My klutziness astounds even me sometimes. Not even my super-handy hubby could fix it, so that told me I did quite a number on it. But luck was on our side when we went to Sears to replace it…ended up getting a $900 dishwasher for $350. Woo-hoo!!!

– Abby went poopy in her potty!!!!! Go, Abby!

– Riley had two firsts this weekend, too: his first time wearing babylegs (and they were too stinking cute on him) and his first time in the exersaucer. What a big boy he is! Growing up waaaay to fast. Slow it down, son.



One thought on “And in Recent News…

  1. I am with you in the klutz mode, Jen. Next time I see you I will have to fill you in on my latest! Your kids continue to grow and change so quickly. Cute picture once again. 🙂

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