Jon’s Reaction to a Yellow Dining Room

If you come to our house, wear your sunglasses. I got the dining room repainted (again) and it is BRIGHT and I love it!

Jon does not.

I guess I forgot to mention this yellow paint makeover to him. We need to work on our communication. Here’s how the conversation went when he surprised me by showing up at home mid-paint job:

(Jon walks in back door. I drop the roller to go stop him from entering the dining room.)

Me: Don’t freak out.

Jon: Now what?

(Walks in and sees the new paint color.)

Jon: WHY yellow?!

Me: It’s gonna be great when it’s done – just trust me! (Jon gives me the eye.). Ok, I know I said that about the gray but REALLY. It’s going to be wonderful.

Jon: Why can’t you paint the bathroom? No one ever sees the bathroom.

(Me thinking: wow, he’s giving me the ok to paint the bathroom next!!)

(I show him my Junk Gypsy room pic that serves as this makeover’s inspiration. He actually likes it…but says that the trim I just painted white would look way better as it had been before. I totally agree…this yellow looks awesome with brown wood trim. Darn it. In an attempt to smooth things over, I offer a compromise:)

Me: ok, I will paint the living room a nice basic neutral color like (blech) beige.

Jon: And no more painting of the trim.

Me: Deal.

Whew. I thought he’d freak over the new color. Pics coming soon…want to get a few pieces of furniture painted first. Maybe I should mention that to Jon before I get started. 😉


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