Here’s what’s happening at our house:

1. Riley had his 4 month check-up today. He’s growing right on schedule – weighed in at 14 pounds, 8 ounces. He’s in the 90th percentile for height! Go, Riley!!

2. The doctor said he’s ready for this:

Holy moley! Food time! We didn’t start Abby on anything until 6 months, and then only rice cereal for quite a while. The doc said solids will help with Ri’s reflux, so here we go!

3. Recently heard from Abby: “I said NO!” and “That’s enough!” Nice. Obviously mommy says those phrases often enough for her to have added them to her vocabulary.

4. In an effort to have a kid-friendly Christmas tree without having to buy new ornaments, we made a batch of salt dough ornaments yesterday. Stay tuned for pics!

5. MOPS starts next week. Yay!!

6. Ummm, is it just me, or is this 60 degree weather making it hard to get in the Christmas spirit? I’d really be ok with a little snow and cold.


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