Paint: Go Big or Go Home

Upon returning home from our Thanksgiving vacation and after having a week away from my grey dining room/paint dilemma, I realized:

1. I really, really hate the grey color of the dining room.
2. Grey paint, at least in my house, is depressing.
3. The grey must go bye-bye asap.

Since I have already purchased 4 gallons of paint that won’t be used (at least on walls), thus wasting more money than I care to admit, I went back to my original plans and chose yet another yellow for the walls but THIS TIME I bought a small, quart size can of it to try out first. Please, please do this if you’re like me and completely unsure (or just bad) about picking paint colors.


This little can only cost $3.99. Perfect! I will admit that I bought one of these in a pale yellow that, when I got it home, I noticed it was basically the same color neon yellow that I started out with originally. Fail.

So I decided enough was enough in trying to choose a safe yellow. I finally picked a bold, deep yellow (called “cornmeal,” which is completely uninspiring) and finally nailed it! The right color! Hallelujah. I also got a small can of teal paint to use on the dining room chairs.

Here’s the right and wrong shades side by side:


And the teal (which looks light blue but isn’t really):


The two final colors so far (red will be added, too):


Woo-hoo! Seems silly, but I feel such a sense of relief to be back at the yellow/teal/red bright and fun color palette. That grey just never felt right. It wasn’t us and wasn’t what we were going for…but I had to try it to find that out. Stay tuned for updates!!


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