Wow, God

One of my all-time, #1 favorite authors EVER is Anne Lamott. She.Is.Amazing. I was introduced to her in one of my writing classes in college – we studied her “Bird by Bird” and I re-read that book probably once a year. As much as I love “Bird by Bird,” I LOOOOOVE her books on faith. Her writing is raw and gritty and honest and real and she tells it exactly as it. And yet she somehow manages to share her faith in a way that just hits home and mirrors my own heart…so much so that I find myself underlining and highlighting the heck out of every book she writes.

She has a new book out which I haven’t read yet: “Help, Thanks, Wow.” It talks about the different types of prayers we pray. We’re traveling to Indiana, and I read an interview she did with NPR about the book in our hotel room last night. The first two types of prayers, prayers for help and prayers of thanks, are very present in my life. The Wow prayers aren’t as frequent. Those are the prayers that we express when we’re feeling in awe of something God has done or created, the prayers that just leave you breathless over the power and awesomeness of God.

So right after I read that interview, I was thinking that I need to be more conscious about just being wow’d by the things that God does for me every day. And as I was thinking about my lack of wow moments, Abby was wandering around our hotel room checking out our new digs for the night. And every time she saw something that tickled her fancy, she got a big grin and said, “WOW!” Huh. If my 19 month old daughter can find so much excitement in a HOTEL ROOM, how many wow moments am I missing every day?

As a mommy, it totally warms my heart to hear and see her so excited to see and explore new things. Think about how God feels when we get excited about the things He puts in our lives. Wow!


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