The Answer to My Prayers

I’m not sure what it says about my life that I am blogging about a trashcan today, but hey.  I guess that just how I roll as of late.

A while back, I posted about Abby’s obsession with our trash can.  And our trash.  The kid cannot keep her hands out of it.  She was doing well at leaving it alone for a while, but recently it’s gotten bad again.  Like, REALLY bad.  I hate that she is so interested in garbage, but what can you do.  That’s my 1.5 year old for you.

I’ve been on the hunt for a trashcan with a decent lid.  One of those flimsy little plastic lids was just not going to hold out my daughter, so I knew we’d have to find an extraordinary trash container.  And last week, I found it.  Finally!  The trashcan of my dreams and the answer to our prayers:

AHHHHHHH!  It is amazing and perfect for us.  It’s a simplehuman 13 gallon trash can, which is actually bigger than the one we were using, so right away I was in love.  It has a LOCK ON THE LID for keeping kids and/or pets out.  HELLO!?  Can we say BEST FEATURE EVER???? And it’s a step trashcan with a slow release lid.  I love that the lid closes slowly and softly rather than banging shut.  Love everything about this puppy.  And since our trash is no longer within plain sight or grabbing distance, Abby has completely lost interest in the trash can.

Mission accomplished!  🙂


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