A Family Room Makeover Update

To make our living/dining room makeover as painless as possible (that’s code for: to minimize the whining from my husband over the fact that I am painting again), I’ve decided to not make any changes until I have every element prepared for the room makeover. That means paint colors, wall art, throw pillows, toy storage, accent pieces…it will all be decided on before one little change takes place in our house.

I have to admit, I’m having big fun planning this makeover. It’s going to be a very good thing.

This is a picture of the room that’s serving as my inspiration, remodeled by the Junk Gypsies:

Seriously, isn’t that a super-mega fun and happy room? I love, love, love the heart above the fireplace and am currently brainstorming how to make one of my own…only without the license plates, because I don’t own any coool vintage license plates and I’m trying to keep this project as low-cost as possible.

Anyhoo. Just thought I’d share my inspiration and let you know that the makeover is taking shape in my head, and as soon as all the elements are in place, it will become reality! I can’t wait!!


2 thoughts on “A Family Room Makeover Update

  1. Love your inspiration photo, Jen! What a great room — it’s the perfect mix of casual & comfy with style & fun! Happy planning!

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