Let the Milk Chugging Commence

So little Riley has been having a rough time lately. A couple of weeks ago he started having little fits during his feedings. It wasn’t a huge deal at first, but it recently started getting more frequent and he wasn’t eating nearly enough so I, as his mother, entered freak out mode. We went to the doctor last week and he suggested, based on the info I gave him, that something I was eating was bothering my little Ry-Ry and suggested that I adopt a dairy-free diet for 2 weeks.

For real – do you know how hard that is? Most foods have SOME dairy component. It’s tough to avoid dairy. And I love cheese. Luuuuuuuuv cheese.

Of course for the sake of my child I obliged. But it didn’t really seem to help. He was still having a hard time. Not every feeding was a disaster, but when they were, they were bad. Poor little guy.

So today he threw a fit and refused to eat for two feedings in a row and he sat there crying and I sat there crying with him and Abby sat next to me patting my arm like, “It’s ok, mommy,” which made me cry harder because why was my 1.5 year old comforting ME?!

Good grief. It was time for a second opinion. So I called the pediatrician in the big city to the south and we took a family trip to a new doctor, who diagnosed him within 2 minutes as having reflux. He gets to take medicine to help with it from here on out.

Oh, and he also has a little bitty ear infection, which we luckily caught before it became a big dog ear infection.

Poor, poor little baby boy.

Thank goodness for second opinions and baby doctors. And thank goodness for the end of dairy-free diets. That was hard on this mommy…but it helped me lose the last of my baby weight. I celebrated with a big ol’ cheeseburger from Culvers. Best. Burger. Ever.

The end.


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