Supernanny Update for Danielle

Four days into the Supernanny method of getting Abby to sleep in her big girl toddler bed had me rethinking – and doubting – the Supernanny’s method of sleep training.  I was SO SICK of bedtime taking 45+ minutes, and of carrying her to bed, only to have her back out again in a matter of moments.  Argh.  It was making me completely insane.

And then…last night…she went to bed the first time.  Never got up out of bed.

It.  Was.  Amazing.  She was asleep in her big girl bed at her real bedtime.  I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Since Riley was asleep, too, Jon and I could sit and watch the Presidential Debate and argue about the candidates amongst ourselves without having to chase a child across the living room.  It was fantastic.

So all was well when we finally called it a night.

Until 1:07 am, when I heard Abby laughing and talking and carrying on and Jon elbowed me and said, “She’s wandering around the house.”  By the time I got out of bed, she’d come wandering into our bedroom to see why in the heck we were missing out on her party in the living room.  I carried her back to bed and we never heard another peep out of her all night.

Upon arriving in the living room this morning, I saw on the floor: toys, Riley’s pacifier near the toys (she is obsessed with Riley’s paci), my glasses (which had been stepped on) near the paci, and the settings on the remote were all sorts of wonky.

Thus I shall now be heeding Danielle’s wise advice and will be putting the baby gate across her bedroom door when we go to bed.

The end.


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