A Big Girl Bed and the Supernanny

We put a toddler bed in Abby’s room about a month ago.  Our hope was that she would start sleeping in it ASAP, thus allowing us to move Riley, the world’s nosiest sleeping baby,out of our room and into the crib.

Abby decided the bed was a play toy and really had no interest in sleeping in it.  For nap time, I even tried laying down in it with her, which I thought would compel her to lay down and sleep in it.  Nope.  She thought it was BIG FUN to have Mommy in bed with her, and usually I ended up being the one who ended up falling asleep, not her.  So I kind of gave up hope that she’d ever sleep in it.

Over the past weekend, a miracle happened.  Jon walked her into her room for bedtime, and out of nowhere she crawled up into her toddler bed, started sucking her thumb, and voila!  Spent the entire night in her big girl bed.  I was THRILLED!

The next night, same story.  Put herself to bed and we didn’t see her until 7:30 the next morning.

Last night, she realized how much fun it is to be able to get out of her toddler bed.  So I started the “Supernanny” method for getting her to stay in bed.  And I got really annoyed at having to chase her butt through the house, so after about 20 minutes, I put her in her crib and collapsed onto the couch.  Major fail.

Tonight we tried again.  It took 44 minutes and probably as many trips to her bedroom to place her back in bed, but eventually she wore herself out and is now conked out in her big girl bed.

I’m learning that it’s kind of exhausting to raise a toddler.  Who needs a workout when I get to chase her through the house all night long?

So we’ll see how long it takes to get her to stay in bed tomorrow night.  In theory, it should get shorter and shorter each night.  I hope so.


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