Products I’m Loving Lately

Man, the days are all blurring together lately.  Lots of snuggles with my kiddos and running around and eBaying and diaper changes and sewing and housework (well, sometimes)…good grief.  Lots going on!

There have been a few products that I’ve come across lately that have made me oh so happy to the point where I’ve thought, “I should totally blog about this product.”  So I’m actually sitting down and making time to blog about them before Abby hauls out all the pots and pans and mixing bowls (again) and before Riley spits up (again).

  1. Mary Kay 2 in 1 Shower Gel stuff.  So the first three products are Mary Kay.  I had a moment of weakness and bought some recently, and it’s changing my life.  Love it all.) I’m not sure of the official name of this product, and in order to find out what it is I’d have to get up and walk to the bathroom, and I’m sure I’d get distracted along the way by the loads of laundry piled in the hallway or the pile of dishes in the sink, and I just don’t want to have to go there at the moment since I’m finally blogging.  Anyway, this product is fabulouso.  It’s been a while since I’ve spet any money on fun frilly products for myself, and I don’t know that it’s in our budget to make this a regular item in my shower, but I am loving it.  It smells lovely and works super well as a shave gel.
  2. Mary Kay facial cleanser stuff.  Again, no idea of what the actual product is called.  But it’s foamy and fabulous.
  3. Mary Kay hydrating lotion stuff.  LOVE the scent, and my hands feel so stinking smooth after using it.  Amazing.  Ok, this is the end of the Mary Kay product recommendations.
  4. Resolve stain stick.  This laundry aide will get any stain out of anything.  Stubborn stains on clothing that have been treated with every other stain remover in my arsenal finally come out with one application of this stuff.  It seriously is a miracle worker and I cannot be without it ever again.
  5. Ergo baby carrier.  I’m kind of obsessed with buying and trying different baby carriers.  It’s kind of a sickness. But alas, I’ve finally found the perfect one for us.  The Ergo is comfortable to wear for both myself and Riley.  It has awesome pockets for holding my phone, a pacifier, some cash, and a snack for Ab.  And the best part is the hood..I can pull it up over Riley when we’re in public and he falls asleep immediately.  Love it, love it, love it.  Can’t stress enough how much I love it.
  6. Dunkin Donuts, Green Mountain, and Normal Roasting Co. coffee.  It’s fall.  Fire up the coffee pots and let the good brews flow.  Been drinking coffee morning, noon and night and loving every sip.

So I think that’s all of the things that have totally been rocking my silly little world lately.  It doesn’t take much, does it?  😉


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