A Shout Out for the Ol’ Cast Iron Skillet

I’m terrified of cast iron skillets. Why? No idea. Maybe because they seem so rough and clunky.

However, it is dove hunting season, and thanks to my country boy hubby, we have an over-abundance of dove breasts in the fridge. And the hubby likes them fried. Sigh. I’m terrible at frying food.

So I found a new recipe online for fried dove breasts, and decided to try it. It said to use a cast iron skillet. So I dug it out of storage and gave it a shot…and the dove breasts turned out awesome! I was amazed.

I was sure it was a fluke, since they were completely edible and usually the things I fry are…not. So I used the skillet to fry some fish the next day. And they were de-lish, too!

Amazing. The cast iron skillet is fast becoming my must-have kitchen item. Who’d have thought?


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