Meanwhile, Back at the Cozy House

Dear Blog,

I missed you last week. I’m very apologetic for neglecting you and vow to ignore my children, husband, and mounting laundry piles to avoid doing so again in the near future.

In an effort to catch you up on the latest, I offer this summation of recent events:

1. We finally reclaimed Abby’s room. Half of it was consumed by the full sized bed that my parents use when visiting…it’s been set up since April and left us with virtually no functional space. Now that it’s been removed, her room is huge. And her big girl toddler bed has been set up and is ready for business.

2. Riley is huge. And very gassy. I don’t know how much he weighs, but he’s now wearing some 3-6 month clothing. He resembled a stuffed sausage in his bedtime sleepy pajamas the other night. He looked a little miserable in them, but it was stinking hard work to get them on, so he had to tough it out for the night.

3. I picked up a couple of books at the second hand store and have completely fallen in love with reading again. It’s been a while since I’ve read anything that I couldn’t put down.

4. I’m mourning the end of garage sale season…but am totally pumped for the Junk Jaunt at the end of the month.

5. Had a minor mental mommy meltdown last weekend and have since declared (with my hubby’s support, thank goodness) that Mommy now gets two full days off a month to leave the house for non-mommy related activity, ie shopping, writing at the coffee shop, photojaunting, whatever. Mommies need mental health days, too.

6. We are starting an official MOPS group at church. Yippee yay yay!

7. I left a load of laundry hanging on the line for two days. True story.

8. Riley is sleeping longer stretches at night. Hooray hooray! Go Riley!

9. Been making subway art like a crazy lady to sell in the Etsy shop and having a ton o’ fun doing so. Wish I could make a living making subway art.

10. Have started working on Halloween costumes. We’re gonna do Star Wars with Tresia’s kids…Abby will be Princess Leia and Riley gets to be Yoda. Stinking cute they will be. 😉


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