Getting Babywise – Again

When Abby was a newborn, we followed the recommendations in “Babywise” to get her on a feeding and sleeping schedule. She was sleeping through the night by 3 months, which was super. So we’re gonna try it with Riley, too.

In a nutshell, Babywise recommends a 3 hour schedule: eat, playtime, then sleep. Riley’s adapted to it well so far, which is awesome. He typically wakes up around 1 am and 4 am during the night to eat, which was totally great. I was feeling good about his progress.

And then…I introduced him to the pacifier. My logic was this: Abby never really got a paci, and (possibly) as a result is a mega-thumb sucker. So I thought maybe it’d be better to introduce the paci to Riley and avoid the thumb sucking.

Only now, after only a couple of days, he’s super addicted to it. And he wakes up crying every time it falls out of his mouth at night…which happens like 17 times a night. Sigh. He quickly went from being a good sleeper to not being able to fall asleep without it. Bummer. It’s totally screwing up our Babywise schedule.

So yesterday afternoon, every time he fussed for his pacifier, I took it upon myself to shove his thumb/fingers/fist into his mouth. I know, that’s terrible, right? Not going to win a mother-of-the-year award for doing that, but I’m trying everything i can think of to undo the damage done by that stinking pacifier and help him figure out how to self-soothe. I also got the Sleep Sheep from Abby’s room, which plays white noise. White noise always soothed Abby and helped her sleep, so I’m going to see if it helps to fill his pacifier void. Because I am not ok with getting up once or twice an hour all night long to shove a pacifier in his mouth. I love my son, but I’m not ok with being an enabler for excessive pacifier usage. I’m not anti-pacifier, and we’ll be using it occasionally, but its not going to be a permanent fixture anymore.

I just hope that after this little hiccup, he takes to the Babywise routine as well as Abby did. Mommy needs a good night’s sleep sometime in the near future.


2 thoughts on “Getting Babywise – Again

  1. We did Babywise and pacifiers with both girls. I would definitely say that even though they both had both of these things in common they were totally different in their sleeping habits. I did not ever have a baby that needed the paci that much at night though! Good grief! I would ditch the paci and try the thumb too! Or maybe try some different blankies to rub on/by his face at night??? Good luck!!!

    • Oooh I like the blanket idea. We’ve really cut back on pacifier use during the day, and that’s helped a lot at night. We’re definitely in trial and error mode at the moment. 😉

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