A Word About Children

First, a word about my chunky monkey Riley. At his one month appointment last week, we checked his weight, and my little boy was up to 9 lbs 9.8 oz!! That’s a two and a half pound weight gain in three weeks!! Go Riley! I won’t say how long it took Abby to get to 10 pounds…let’s just say she was able to fit into newborn size outfits for a long time, and Riley has already outgrown his.

So far my favorite thing about being a mother of two is observing how God has combined mommy and daddy’s traits in each one. Abby looks like Jon and has his stubbornness; she has my blue eyes, my albino white skin, and my semi-wacky personality. Riley looks like me and has my fingernails but has Jon’s dark complexion (thank goodness) and Jon’s laid-back go with the flow personality.

(Sidenote: the Lord knew we needed a mild-mannered child to go along with Abby. I hope he stays easy-going as he gets older. 🙂

Anyway, not much point to this post other than saying that it’s so neat to see how God melds families together. I’m so glad he made these two for our family. They’re exactly the kids I’d pick if I had all the children in the whole world to choose from.


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