The Power of Praise

Abby is obsessed with our kitchen trash can. And not in a good way. It’s an epic battle lately…I throw things away, she goes into the trashcan and hauls it back out.

It’s been driving me bonkers. WHAT is her obsession with the trashcan?!

Today we hit a milestone. I was holding Riley on the couch, and could see her hovering near the trashcan. I was about ready to holler at her when I saw her bend down, pick up something off the kitchen floor, and put it IN the trash!

I was so excited that she pit trash in the trashcan rather than taking it out, so I went crAZY with the praise: “GOOD JOB, Abby! Yay! Mommy’s so proud of you! Thank you!” She grinned and clapped back at me.

And ever since, she’s been on a roll at putting trash in the trashcan, and not taking it out.



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