Monday Madness

Here is a rundown of the action at our house today.

7:56 am: Abby gets into a tub of Vaseline.


8:12 am: Riley pees on everything within reach during diaper change.

10:36 am: Garbage disposal dies while cleaning out the fridge.

10:48 am: Get shocked by electric fence when dumping out yucky food from the fridge into the pasture.

11:17 am: Drag out double stroller, get kids loaded in it for a walk, and realize halfway down the driveway that the front tire is flat.

1:33 pm: Begin laundry load #17.

3:40 pm: Call Verizon to fight over cell phone charges. Grrrrr.

Ok. There were some good things, too.

Sold some stuff on eBay.

Watched Abby and her daddy laugh and play at lunchtime.

Great-grandma stopped by for a visit.

Jon fixed the garbage disposal.

So it wasn’t all bad. On to Tuesday!!


3 thoughts on “Monday Madness

  1. There is always tomorrow..oh and a wonderful scripture. “This is the day the Lord has made…we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Happy Monday!

  2. Are you watching Olympic reruns? Yunno, ’cause we have to be experts! (And you don’t have ANYTHING else to do…..HA!) 😉

    And get used to Riley peeing….it’s a guy thing. They have to pee on EVERYTHING. My 3-year-old still has part of the backyard to “initiate”….he keeps track! Gotta love boys! (And Abby, too!)

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