In The Past 24 Hours…

In the past 24 hours…

My son has peed on me more times than I care to admit. Major yuck.

Abby, Riley and Mommy all survived their first public outing together. Miraculous!

I lost one of my daughter’s favorite shoes somewhere while shopping in The Big City. Major fail.

I convinced myself that my c-section incision was opening and feared death by nasty, oozing infection. For real.

I was reassured by my favorite ob-gyn that my barely-slightly-possibly infected incision would not be my cause of death. Whew.

I drank a huge caffeinated Starbucks iced coffee, reveling in every sip, until it hit me that not only would it keep me awake for a few hours, but also my wee little nursing babe. Way to go, mom.

I struggled AGAIN with truly trusting the Lord…but he showed me firsthand that doing so brings so much…relief, and blessings, and peace. Amazing.


4 thoughts on “In The Past 24 Hours…

  1. Sounds like you are doing wonderful! I remember the first time I took Sarah to the the laundermat after she was born. To this day I don’t know how the poop got all of the places that it did……..she was so tiny and cute!

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