Down to the Wire – Last Minute Details Before Baby Arrives

New baby arrives tomorrow.

TOMORROW!  Eeeeeek!  We have to be at the hospital by 5:30 am, which means we have to leave home by 4:30 am.  It’s going to be quite the day.  Still doesn’t seem real, which is why we are down to the last minute with many of our preparations.  “Better late than never” is our family motto lately.

Jon came up with three possible names, so we are close to making a decision there.

Speaking of Jon, here are a few un-solicited pregnancy-related comments my ever-sensitive hubby has made over the past few days:

  • He stops and looks at my belly on Saturday and says, “That ain’t no 6 lb. baby in there.”  Thank you, dear.  This comment ironically came directly after I looked down at my bumpity bump and thought to myself, “Gee, my belly is looking pretty small for this stage in the game.”  Apparently it’s not.
  • “Our electricity bill is going to go down by $20 after this kid is born.”  In response to my need to constantly lower the thermostat.  Could I have picked a hotter summer to be pregnant?  I think not.

I am doing a fast refresher course of “Babywise.”

The breast pump has been brought up from the basement.  (Sigh.  Oh, how I have NOT missed that thing.)

96% of my maternity clothes have been washed and packed away, and my regular clothes have been returned to my closet.

And, after being on my to-do list for an eternity, new burp cloths have been sewn!  Yay!

When Abby was born, we received lots of fabulous hand-made burp cloths from a dear lady at church.  I LOVE those burp cloths.  We still use them all the time.  She makes them out of flannel and they’re contoured, so they fit nicely on the shoulder.  I had some flannel and a scrap of some soft minky fabric in my fabric stash, so I decided to make a couple of similar burp cloths.  They are so soft and comfy…can’t wait to use them.

I heart that Sesame Street flannel.  It’s my favorite at the moment.  Totally cute.

I also made a stack of burp cloths with some adorable boyish fabric that I couldn’t pass up at the fabric store.  Cars + trucks + chenille = totally cute, soft, cozy burp cloths that I’d like to just rub my face into constantly.

Today is going to be a laundry marathon day, a pack the hospital bag day, and a cuddle my 15 month old as much as humanly possible day.  Tomorrow will bring lots of changes and excitement and emotions.  I can’t wait.  I’m slightly terrified, but in a good way.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Down to the Wire – Last Minute Details Before Baby Arrives

  1. For a pregant lady who is having a baby oh so soon you manage to get a ton of things done! Can’t wait to hear that baby boy is born. Your are in our thoughts and prayers. Love you!!!

  2. I will be thinking of you in the morning as I begin my day at the fitness center and you are welcoming your new little one. Please keep me posted on the new arrival. Love to you all and can’t wait to meet him!

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