The Hiding Stage

Miss Abby has developed a fondness for hiding things.  She has a few special hiding places around the house, including (but not limited to) the oven drawer (this is her #1 hiding spot), the pots and pans cabinet, and underneath the baker’s rack in the kitchen.  We’re catching on to the fact that if we’re missing something, we can save a lot of time and frustration by first checking for the lost item in her special hiding places.  Jon couldn’t find his hat before work the other day, and lo and behold, it was buried under some lids in the pots and pans cabinet.  So we’re learning how she operates.

But she apparently doesn’t limit herself to those three hiding spots.  Jon came in after burning the trash over the weekend and said, “Why is the beater from the mixer in the burn barrel?”

Well, that would be because the mixer beater is one of her favorite objects to carry around, and she apparently decided that the trash can would be an excellent place to stow it for a while.  Her unsuspecting mother bagged up the trash to be burned, and voila.  We have a beater that has been burned to a metal crisp.


So apparently my future will consist of following my child around and watching where she dumps each and every item that she carries around to make sure they don’t suffer a similar fate as the beater.  Or, as my wise BFF suggested, we could just buy a trash can with a lid to prevent future occurrences.

Can you use a mixer with just one beater?  😉


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