My New Obsession: Subway Art

Are you familiar with subway art?  I’m kind of crazy in love with it.  It looks something like this:

I don’t know what I love about it, exactly.  I like that it’s a combination of rustic meets simplicity meets originality meets personality.  I’ve tried lots and lots of times to just sit down at the computer and whip some up, but it never ever turned out well and usually resulted in my wanting to drop kick my laptop and then run it over with the lawnmower.

But then I found an online tutorial that taught me the RIGHT way to make it, and now…I can do it!   I can make my own subway art!

The one above is one that I made as a wedding gift for my cousin last month.  I asked her for some key phrases and important dates and places in her relationship with her honey; she sent me a list, and voila!  Subway art that’s just for them!

Love it.  Love, love, love it.  I’ve made a couple more since then, and I’ve been toying with the idea of offering custom posters in my Etsy shop.  Hmmmm.  That will probably wait until after Baby Boy is born, but I think it’s way do-able.  I know it’s not something that everyone would love, but I think it’s over the moon fabulouso.  Yay!


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