The Husband Project

I recently finished reading “The Me Project,” by Kathi Lipp, and it was a-ma-zing.  I took my time working my way through it, because there were lots of little tidbits to ponder.  I really enjoyed the book and it motivated me to get started on a few of my goals, which is something of a miracle lately.

Today I came across an online group that is going to read another of Kathi’s books, “The Husband Project,” which I added to my must-read list after enjoying “The Me Project” so much.  So even though my to do list before Baby No Name arrives is longer than a dictionary, I decided to join the group, and I’m so excited!  I may or may not be able to keep up with it (it will be tricky, because the group starts two days before delivery day), but I’m going to do my best.

I feel like poor Jon has been getting lost in the shuffle around our house lately, and if there’s anything I can do to assure him that he’s still numero uno around the cozy house, I’ll do it!  Know what I mean?   Here’s the link to check out the group and join…you don’t have to have a blog to be part of the group!  Hopefully I’ll see ya there!  🙂


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