The World’s Worst Farm Wife

The award for the world’s worst farm wife goes to…this girl. I am NOT handling this year’s drought well AT ALL. And I’m blaming my bad attitude on my hormones which are currently spiraling out of control.

Up until recently, I’ve been pretty optimistic about our ridiculous drought conditions for the most part. For the sake of my dear husband, I’ve tried really hard to not freak out about our shriveling corn fields. I’ve stopped driving by them, because if I don’t see how bad they look, then it makes it less real, you know? Ignorance is bliss.

I know it’s hard on Jon, because he takes providing for his family very seriously. I don’t want him to feel like a failure, because nothing about this situation is his fault.

It just really sucks when rain skirts just to the north, or just to the south. Or when it’s heading straight for us according to the radar and fizzles out just before it arrives.

It’s seriously becoming a test of faith for me. I got REALLY crabby with God tonight as yet another rare rain decided to circle around our corn. I mean, really? I even yelled at Him. More than once. I’m getting a little cynical, which makes it hard to remain optimistic and trusting. Darn it.

So tonight I’m just feeling super frustrated. And overwhelmed. And questioning. Sigh. I hate feeling like this. I think I need to call it a night. Maybe tomorrow will be better. :/


6 thoughts on “The World’s Worst Farm Wife

  1. Hugs to you Jen! This is really tough. I keep telling myself God has a plan it just isn’t what I think it should be. He will answer our prayers in his time.

  2. It has not been a good day for me either….but as a friend told me, Things could always be worse….I repeat it to myself over and over, it helps for a little while anyway. Rain,,we missed it too. There is a reason, we do not know why. Trust that something will become of it after all is done.
    Hang in there,,hope you’re feeling better, missed you sunday night!

    • Boo for bad days. 😦 That’s a good thing to remember…it absolutely COULD be worse. I’ve been telling myself today that there is absolutely nothing I can do to change the circumstances, so there’s no sense in worrying and getting mad. So instead, I’ve been finding lots of comfort in Flavorice popsicles. 😉

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