Three Weeks

In three short weeks, Baby No Name will make his appearance. The c-section has officially been scheduled for August 1.

Yay!!! And yikes!!!

I can feel confident in saying that we are completely unprepared in every regard.

His clothes are in plastic tubs. Washed and ready, but nowhere near organized and ready.

He has nowhere to sleep. Need to find room in our room to set up and cram the pack and play.

Oh, and we are nowhere near having a name for him. (Danielle, Jon didn’t laugh at AJ, so I’m putting on the list. 😉

I need to get a bunch of meals put up in the freezer.

Wash the car seat cover.

And take care of a thousand little things that are too insignificant to mention but still need to be done.

Time’s a-wastin’…better stop blogging (for the day) and get busy!


2 thoughts on “Three Weeks

  1. Great! I can come visit Waylon before I head back to school! 🙂 I know you will be ready when August 1st rolls around.

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