Pool Time at the Cozy House

So I broke down and bought our kid a kiddy pool last week.

And since I’m all about keeping it honest here, I may as well admit that it was purchased for my enjoyment as much as hers.  Seriously.  On those 100 degree days, nothing beats going outside and dipping your toesies in some nice, cool water.  She can splash and play and I can sit and relax.  It’s a win-win for both of us.

Well, mostly a win win.

I intended to just buy one of those hard plastic blue kiddie pools.  However, there were three problems with that idea:

  1. There were none to be found in our small town.
  2. The only one I could find in the big city was almost $20…which was way more than I was interested in spending.
  3. A hard plastic blue kiddie pool wouldn’t come close to fitting in my car, which made getting it home next to impossible.

So I picked up an inflatable one, thinking it’d be great.  And it is for the most part.  Abby loves it, and she can sit on the side of it and bounce up and down.  AND it has a little fountain!  You can hook the hose up to it and a fountain sprays and she thinks it’s BIG time fun.

(Please excuse our Amazonian backyard.  That is all.)

The part I didn’t consider was where and how to store it when it’s not in use.  We can’t leave it outside, because of dogs and wind and the threat of having it get punctured by something sharp.  We don’t have a garage to throw it in.  And the thought of deflating it after each use and blowing it up every time we want to swim is not at all appealing when you’re eight months pregnant. I could stow it downstairs in the basement between uses, but again, not a very convenient or appealing idea.

So we’ve settled for a very redneck solution to our problem: the inflated pool is currently residing in our dining room when not in use.  Leaning against the dining room table, no less.  It’s lovely. And it makes the cozy house that much more so.

Oh well.  It still feels darn good on these hot summer afternoons.  Totally worth looking like white trash.


3 thoughts on “Pool Time at the Cozy House

  1. Way cute once again! A great way to keep cool on these hot days. As for the storage, you have to do what is best for you. Heck, you could probably still use the pool this winter…inside. Abby would love it! 🙂

    • Ha! You may be on to something…as warm as the woodstove keeps the house, we probably COULD use it indoors this winter!! 😉 Love it!!

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