H’s Wedding

The main reason we traveled to Indiana was for my cousin Hannah’s wedding.

It was well worth the trip.

There wasn’t a traditional element in their entire day…which was exactly as it should have been.  Hannah and Scott are both extremely creative, outside-the-box kind of people, and we expected nothing less from the wedding.

It all took place at this huge, gorgeous, used-to-be farmer’s market.  I think I read that this is the largest peg and board built barn in the US, meaning no nails were used to build the main structure.  Incredible!  I could have taken pics of this building all day long.  It is stunning.

The middle section on the main floor is where the wedding ceremony was held, and the reception was on the second floor.  I didn’t really get a great picture of the inside ceremony space.  If you go in the center of the building, it’s a round, circular space, completely open all the way up to the top of the cupola.  It’s incredible.  And I have no picture to prove that statement, but trust me.  It’s gorgeous. This picture is the closest I have to being able to show you what I mean, but even it doesn’t come close…the ceiling goes waaaaaaaaaaaaay higher than you can see here.

Now, first, the sad news.  I have no pictures of the actual wedding and reception.  My time during the wedding ceremony was spent trying to corral my nap-less child, which left me feeling completely pooped during the reception…so I didn’t wander around taking pics like I thought I would.

But I did take some pics at their rehearsal the night before the big event, and they’ll hopefully give you a peek at what their big day was like.

Uncle Roger made the stage they’re standing on, and also made the frames for the paper cranes that encircled the ceremony space.  There were thousands of paper cranes throughout the venue, including a few huge mongoid ones that were suspended from the ceiling.  It was super, super neat.

Here’s the view from the third level, looking down.

There was lots of music and stories and poetry and “them” in the ceremony.  Which is exactly how it should be.

Paper crane garland:

One of the tables at the reception.  Scott’s dad is a pretty well-known potter, so he and a few others made one-of-a-kind drinking glasses for everyone in attendance.  They were absolutely fabulous. (Sorry for the grainy pic…I had to lighten it and that made a huge mess of it, but hopefully you can at least see it now.)

This was the master to-do list for wedding week.  I was in awe of this.  Totally made me want to grab my Sharpie and notepad.

I wish I’d gotten more pics, but there are some things you just have to experience in person, and I’m thinking this was one of them. It was an incredible day and I’m so excited for them both.  So glad we got to be part of it!


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