Ten Things Happening at Our House

This has been a cr-AZY week. I’m feeling all discombobulated; lots of stuff going on and lots of stuff rattling around in my head. Its been so busy that we have a huge list of shows on the DVR that have collected and are just waiting to be watched-now THAT is serious stuff, when we don’t even have time to watch tv. 😉 So this post is dedicated to sharing some of our craziness with all of you.

1. Jon is leaving tomorrow for his annual fishing trip in North Dakota. Boo. I’m totally dreading his departure and have cried over it twice already, thanks to pregnancy hormones, I’m sure. 😉

2. It’s finally time to get Abby a big girl car seat, so I’ve been researching like crazy. I’m not sure why I’m taking this decision so seriously; I think I shall blame that on pregnancy hormones, too. Any suggestions?!

3. I’ve been baking Amish friendship bread like mad. I’m freezing the loaves for later, so much so that I feel like a baked goods hoarder.

4. I weeded the garden. Miracles happen!

5. Made my own liquid fabric softener via the “recipe” from The Frugal Girls…it was SUPER easy and works great. Loving it!

6. Abby threw up in her bed this morning, then again after breakfast. It was massively gross. I earned my official mommy badge with that one this morning.

7. I’ve been working on some graphic design projects to sell in my Etsy shop, and it’s been so stinking fun! I’m not sure how good they are (we’ll see if anyone buys them once they’re listed), but if nothing else, it’s been a fabulous creative outlet.

8. We took Abby to the pool for the first time. At first she wasn’t a big fan, but was doing better by the time we left. Got lots of cute pics to share with you soon! And the best part: it’s free to go to the baby pool! Hooray! We love free!!

9. Abby is officially obsessed with shutting doors. If you’re between her and an open door, look out.

10. Super excited for Lori, who is officially steps away from opening her kids consignment store. We were excited to tag along as she shopped for retail space this week…too much fun!

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA this week. Next week will be better; I’m anxious to get back to our routine. See ya then!!


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