The Too-Cute Project of the Week: Holly’s Recipe Box

It’s been a crazy busy week, so I’ve been awful at keeping up with the ol’ blog. We’ve had some fun things going on at our house that I’ll share soon, but today I bent you a project that I have nothing to do with.

My friend Holly has been taking her girls to loads of 4-H workshops lately, and she’s joined in on a few of the projects herself…one of which was a SUPER DUPER cute recipe box.




Isn’t it the stinking cutest recipe box you’ve ever seen?! I love it to death. She made this one for her mom. The fun thing about 4-H workshops is that you pay a flat fee (this one was $15) and they provide all the help and materials you need! Love it.

So the lowdown on this box…Holly said they used ink pads to paint the edges of the boxes, then just used scrapbook paper to embellish and add some fun touches. Then they covered them with a little Modge Podge to seal ‘er up and voila! The cutest little recipe box ever!

Thanks for inspiring me and letting me share, Hoolio!! đŸ™‚


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