A Little Bit of Nothing At All

Randomness for the day:

  • If you’re in Burwell anytime soon, stop by the pharmacy and buy one of their Burwell flashdance sweatshirts.  I was freezing my tootsies off last week and impulse-bought one and it’s the best, most comfy thing I’ve worn in a long time.  Worth.  Every.  Penny.  I love it so much that I may or may not have been seen wearing it on a 70 degree day.  I want to get as much use out of it as possible while my belly still fits in it.
  • I’m oh-so-glad I blogged about my little garden tub last week…because one of the dogs dug into it over the weekend and it now looks a little pathetic.  Ugh.   Stinking dog.
  • I feel like I’m starting to waddle.  That’s not a good feeling, especially with two months to go.
  • For the past three nights, we’ve watched the “Hatfields and McCoys” on the History channel.  I will never, NEVER use that phrase lightly again.  If even half of what was portrayed in that show was true, good grief.  What a nightmare.  I’ve never been so relieved to see a series end in my whole life.  Jon felt the opposite: “NOW what am I going to watch?”  He dvr’d each episode, so I’m sure he’ll watch the whole series at least 18 more times.  I just hope he does it when I’m not home.  Talk about gory and depressing and just…ick.
  • Thank heavens for Amish Friendship Bread.   That’s all I’m saying.

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