My Little Garden Tub

Last fall, Tresia and I were digging through some random piles of forgotten pieces of junk in the back 40 at our house.  We came across this perfectly wonderful round metal tub, and I’ve been saving it all winter to use as a planter on the porch.


Mom and Dad gave me a gardening book which just so happened to have complete instructions on how to turn a metal tub into a container garden.  Here were the basic instructions:

  1. Punch holes in the bottom of the tub for drainage.  They suggested doing quite a few holes; my pregnant, out-of-shape physique resulted in only doing 5 or 6.  And I used a little bitty nail and a hammer which was a challenge at times, but totally worked in the end.  And I only smashed my finger once.
  2. Put rocks down in the bottom to help with drainage.  (The book suggested putting down screen or landscaping fabric underneath the rocks to help with drainage, but since I only had a few pitiful little holes, I skipped that step.)
  3. Fill with potting soil to an inch from the top.
  4. Add flowers, water, and enjoy!

Miscellaneous tidbits to share about this project:

  • I wanted to take a cute little artsy photo montage of the tub o’ flowers, but that didn’t happen.  Instead I settled for this un-staged, un-prepped cell phone pic that was taken at 6:45 this morning.  Lovely.
  • I found these flowers at the local greenhouse…they’re a variety of petunias that are totally fun.  They’re purple and their edges are actually green, which I thought was way cutesy.
  • In the week since they’ve been planted, they’ve already endured two hail storms.  Poor little petunias.
  • The finished product weighs a small ton.  After I planted everything, I decided I should have maybe placed it to the left of the back door instead of the right…but since it weighs as much as a baby elephant, it’s staying put in it’s current location.

All in all, it’s my favorite spring addition to our house…especially when paired with a crisp, sparkling white porch.  🙂



2 thoughts on “My Little Garden Tub

  1. I love it, Jen! Container gardening is so much fun. A few weeks ago I filled flower boxes and set them on the low cement walls of my front porch — loving it! Happy gardening! 🙂

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