Recent Randomness

  • I cannot get enough Cheerios lately. Some days I eat a big yummy bowl of them two or even three times a day. Nom nom.
  • Abby has learned that shaking her head means no. She is not shy about showing her thoughts when there’s something she doesn’t like. Her mom isn’t shy about shaking her head no either, so things are getting interesting between the strong willed child and mother.
  • She’s also obsessed with chewing on flip flops. Ewwww.
  • And she’s wild about other people’s painted toe nails. Consider yourselves warned.
  • Still haven’t done anything about moving our scenic auction purchase to our house. On a higher note, I’ve already doubled my money by reselling the other various photo-related goods I picked up at that auction on eBay, and have many more to sell. Hooray!
  • I want my cousin Hannah to make our wedding invites the next time Jon and I get married. Super stinking cute! (At least, I’m assuming she made them…am I right, Aunt Liz?)
  • We still haven’t even discussed possible names for the baby. When I suggested that maybe we should start discussing it, Jon said, “We have a name – Waylon.” Good grief. We are not naming the kid Waylon. Poor, poor nameless baby.

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