More Porch Painting

Over the past couple of days, I have learned the hard way about the truth of the old adage, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right the first time.”

I mentioned a while ago about my flub while painting the back porch last fall, and how I used the wrong paint and it peeled off and looked very white trashy.  Well, in order to fix my mess of a porch, I had to power wash the deck to remove the old yucky paint and start all over again.

It was my first time using the power washer sprayer thing, and I think I highly overestimated the “fun” factor.  I thought I’d turn it on, spray the deck, and bada-bing, bada-boom, we’d be ready to prime and paint again.   Uh, no. Power washing is kind of hard work…and a lot more time consuming than I thought.  Plus, I got soaked from the knees down in the process.  It took me three attempts before I felt the surface was ready to be primed and painted.  Good grief.  And of course, I didn’t even think about taking before and after pictures for your reading enjoyment, but I am just thrilled this little project is over and done with…hopefully…until next year.

(Ok, quick sidebar.  When you apply primer, is the correct to say you “primed” it or “primer-ed” it?  I’ve always wondered about this.  Saying “primer-ed” bugs me, but I’m not sure “primed” is correct, either.  Sidebar over.)

On to the south porch, which admittedly has been abused and neglected for quite a while.  It’s a work in progress…Jon rebuilt it a year ago and wants to do a bit more to it before it’s finished, but I decided to go ahead and paint it, too.  It looked incredibly sad, so I thought a fresh coat of paint would spruce it up a touch.  I made sure to have at least one dog and some random wood in the yard for the picture, just for that truly authentic white trash vibe.

Scariness, right?  Here’s the after pic:

Obviously not perfect (especially since I missed that little eave on the end and couldn’t find the ladder to get up high enough to paint it…it’s driving me bonkers) and not even close to being finished, but loads better than before.  I’m hoping to put some lattice around the bottom (the dogs crawl underneath it all the time and trample my flower beds in the process…bad doggies) to pretty it up a little bit, but for now any improvement is a good improvement!



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