The Thunder Rolls

Last Friday night we had a little bit of severe weather go through our neighborhood.  My car has the hail damage to prove it.  Sigh.

It’s that time of year in central Nebraska, time for wind and rain and hail and tornadoes.  When you pass official storm chasers on your way home from work, it’s probably a pretty sure thing that you’re going to be getting some pretty major weather very soon.

Which means it’s also the prime time to practice some weather photography!

After the threat of severe weather had passed and my child and I emerged from the basement (I am a paranoid pregnant lady, so yes, we were indeed in the basement for a few minutes), I put her to bed, grabbed my camera, and headed to the porch to snap a few shots of the retreating storm.

It’s tricky to catch lightening while holding the camera still, so this was the best shot I got of this storm.

But about an hour later, storm #2 rolled in just south of our house, so I headed back outside to try again.  This time I grabbed my tripod in order to keep my camera more steady and better capture the lightening.  It made a HUGE difference, and my tripod and I are now BFF’s.  These are all straight out of the camera, no edits.  I can barely edit normal pictures…I would have no clue where to begin editing night time lightening photos. 🙂

We had some crazy central Nebraska weather that evening, that’s for sure!


4 thoughts on “The Thunder Rolls

  1. Beautiful pictures. Uncle Roger is a storm lover! I developed a fear of storms at a very young age and it was not until after we married that I got over that fear and began to recognize how incredible they are. PS, I have made a few trips to the basement also!

  2. yay! now share what your camera settings were for those dying to know! =) meaning me hehe ISO, Shutter speed, Aperature ??? Awesome shots!

    • Love it!! I actually toggled back and forth between the nighttime/sports modes on my camera. ISO 800, F4.0, 1.5s. Used my 15mm wide angle lens, which is awesome for outdoorsy shots. It was super fun!

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