Making It Pretty Again

Last fall I took it upon myself to paint our back porch white. Jon told me after the fact that he didn’t really like it…he said, and I quote, “It’s too white.”


I told Mr. Debby Downer that he was wrong, that it was pristine and lovely and made the cozy house look much cozier, and we agreed to never speak of the subject again.

Well. Turns out I didn’t paint it right. I thought priming it and painting it with an exterior paint would get the job done. And it did…for a few months. By the time March rolled around, the majority of the paint was worn off of the high-traffic areas of the porch.

I honestly expected to have to repaint/touch up the paint job every year, but that wear and tear was a bit ridiculous. I was kind of put out with it all, but I figured I’d just repaint it and try again.

Enter my father, who knows all about this painting stuff, and who informed me that I’d completely used the wrong type of paint. Turns out there’s such thing as deck paint. Huh! Go figure. That’s what I get for just buying paint off the shelf at the local Alco.

Armed with the right type of paint, I decided to start touching up the trim and doorways around the house.

I haven’t gotten to painting the porches themselves yet. (I’m intending on painting the dining room porch white, too, but my husband doesn’t know this yet. And I have to do it on a day when I know I’m going to have a few solid hours so that it gets done before he can see what I’m up to. I feel so sneaky. Please don’t rat me out. I can’t help it that I have a love affair with white porches.)

But I did tackle a couple of the doors. Please brace yourself for some never before seen photos of the cozy house.

I don’t really post pics of our house that often. It’s not a super awesome house, but it’s ours, and I love it because of that. And just because it isn’t the nicest house on the block doesn’t mean that I can’t do everything in my power to make it the best little house that it can be, so here is my first attempt at sprucing it up for the spring season.

Please resist the urge to cover your eyes and scream in horror at this pic. This is the door that is off of our dining room. We don’t come and go out of it on a regular basis; it’s got a little covered porch (the one I mentioned above that will be painted soon), which is where we keep the grill in the summertime and wood for the woodstove in the winter.


Can I just say that I really honestly do love this door? It’s old and rustic and totally charming. And, I shockingly realized last week that it is HORRIBLY in need of a fresh coat of paint. It’s one of those things in your house that must look really, REALLY scary bad to people who visit, but you never really notice because you see it every day and have become immune to it. Know what I mean?

I love how painting things makes them look new again. Or at least makes them look not abandoned.



2 thoughts on “Making It Pretty Again

  1. Please, please, please, bring your paint and come visit for awhile! I will take care of Abby and even take lots of pictures of her! (Our side door is just about at the same state as your dining room door.)

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