The Big Tornado

So on Sunday, I FINALLY got to see my very first tornado.

Tornadoes creep me out. There’s just something about their skinny, winding shape that freaks me out and make me hate them. Strangely enough, I’m not as scared of the huge, wide F-5 tornadoes that actually cause miles of damage and destruction…just the skinny ones. I think their shape reminds me too much of snakes. Snakes in the sky. I can’t get away from them ANYWHERE. Anyway.

We were on our way home from church on Sunday and as we were pulling into the driveway, we stopped because the clouds right about our house were swirling and circling like crazy. Jon started foaming at the mouth (he is a bit of a storm-chaser wannabe), so I told him to drop Abby and me off and take the pickup to the top of the hill to take a look. So he dumped us off and tore out of the yard. Abby and I went inside to wait for him to return. (We were going to his parent’s house for lunch and cake and ice cream for the birthday girls.) After a few minutes Christie (my sister-in-law) called and said, “We have a tornado touchdown!” And at that moment my husband came running into the house yelling, “Tornado! Tornado! There’s TWO of them! Where’s my phone? WHERE”S MY PHONE?!?!” (He’d left it in the car…he’d been in too big of a hurry to grab it before hopping in the pickup.) Chaos.

So Jon jumped back in the pickup to keep chasing and Abby and I headed to the in-laws’ house to see the show. The tornado was very visible from there.

And it was pretty neat. I saw it as I was driving, but it had gone back up into the clouds by the time I parked the car. I would have been completely freaked out IF it hadn’t been a ways away by that point, but it was across the river heading in the opposite direction, so we were totally safe. I’m a little sick to my stomach that I missed the photographic event of the month, but thankfully Christie got some pics and was willing to let me share them with you.

We told Abby, “We had a spring blizzard on the day you were born and a tornado on your first birthday…what’s nature going to throw at us on April 15 next year?!” 🙂 Good grief!


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