The Big One

Abby turned the Big 1 this weekend.  Grandma and Grandpa Grove were here visiting, but had to leave before her actual birthday, so we had a party a couple of days early so they wouldn’t miss the action.  My dad was in charge of making the rainbow cakes and cupcakes…we used this tutorial as a guide.  They turned out pretty stinking cute…and were yummy!

Cupcakes before baking…

Rainbow cakes after baking…

And with whipped topping and sprinkles!

Generously sharing her crumbs with Grandpa…

Wearing her new birthday duds from Grandma and Grandpa Grove…

Abby shares a birthday with her Aunt Christie, so we had birthday cake again yesterday!

Getting schooled on how to blow out candles…

But she still missed the big moment…

Can’t believe she’s a year old already.  Happy birthday, Abby Mae!



4 thoughts on “The Big One

  1. It seems like I was just visiting you guys in the hospital, and a year has gone by already. Time sure does fly! I’m glad your mom and dad were here to help Abby celebrate her special day. 🙂

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