More Praise for Miserly Moms

So last week I wrote about how much I am enjoying my current read, “Miserly Moms” by Jonni McCoy.

That was before I reached the chapter on homemade mixes, spices, and meals to make at home.

I am now officially head over heels IN LOVE with this book. While reading this chapter, it was like the heavens opened up and the Hallelujah chorus came streaming into my living room.

I have spent hours online, searching for recipes and how-to’s to create spices and baking mixes to make from scratch at home.  Things like taco seasoning, Bisquick, and so on. AND THIS BOOK HAS THEM ALL, and then some. Oh, and what I love the MOST about the recipes she includes is that they use common ingredients that you most likely have in you cabinets.  Love that.


So last week I got my Susie Homemaker on and tried a few of them out.

First on my list was her homemade granola.  You can munch on it as a snack, OR us it for a yum yum breakfast cereal.  Oatmeal, honey, raisins, and a few other ingredients that I can’t remember off the top of my pregnant head.

Then I took three cups of the granola and added a couple of eggs, come cinnamon, and brown sugar and made her Chewy Granola Bars.  OH!  And chocolate chips.  How can I forget about the chocolate chips?! Love, love, love!

THEN, because the oven was already warm and I needed to get rid of a few slices of day-old homemade bread, I made up a batch of her croutons. Jon stood in the kitchen eating them right off the tray.  Pretty good stuff.

That’s all I’ve made so far, but the baking mix and taco seasoning are next on my list since we’re almost out of both.  Can’t wait to try them.

Love this book.  LOVE.  I highly recommend it if you’re at all trying to save money in your budget.


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