Abby’s Easter Bunny

I realize this post would have been more timely had it been posted BEFORE Easter was over and done with.

However, since procrastination is my middle name and I didn’t finish this little project until Saturday night, I am having to share it with you post-Easter.  Sorry about that.

Please meet Abby’s first Easter bunny.  He totally needs a name…my creativity ran out after making him.  😛

In the interest of not spending a ton of money on Easter basket goodies, I decided to sew her an Easter bunny.  And I couldn’t pass up this cute tutorial on how to make a sock bunny.  I found a pair of argyle knee-high socks on clearance at Target for $1.50. (Ok, they are leftover St. Patty’s Day socks, but they totally worked.  And the price was perfect.)

I realized after making this little guy how pathetic my hand sewing skills are…but I like to think my rough stitches just add to the character.  😉  And I will say, it was a piece of cake to make…except for having to redo my hand stitches a couple of times. Sigh.

And I would also like to say that in 90% of the pictures I took of her hauling her bunny around the house, my child looked drunk.

All in all, a very quick, simple little project.  🙂


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