Over the Past 24 Hours…

  • Abby went from taking her first wobbly steps to walking across the room.  When she decided it was time to walk, she meant business.  We are in big trouble.
  • While getting ready for work this morning, I lost a contact, gagged on my oatmeal (my gag reflex has been AWFUL with this pregnancy), and got a bloody nose.
  • Abby survived sleeping in her crib covered up with a blanket for the first time…we avoided suffocation, which is always a good thing.
  • Jon is happily working late because the BRAND SPANKING NEW John Deere tractor finally arrived.
  • I have started five new craft projects, including sewing an Easter bunny and a quiet book for Abby, creating play mats for my nephews, and a cute, yummy treat for my secret pal at church.  After almost 6 months, I’m rediscovering my sewing machine and it feels wonderful.  And a little scary.  But mostly wonderful.
  • I’ve been praying for confirmation about a big decision, and I *think* I received it yesterday.  Is it awful to pray for a SECOND confirmation, just to be sure I’m not misinterpreting?  Hmmmm.
  • Landscaping plants have been ordered after two months of planning and saving!  Now if only our nice, warm, sunny weather would return.

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