Itty Bitty Baby Duds for Waylon

It’s been a busy week. Among the highlights were finally getting our taxes done (blech) and going to the big gender-reveal ultrasound. (20 weeks…halfway done!! Woo-hoo!!)

So in honor of finding out the baby’s gender, I went shopping and bought the first outfit for the new baby today.


I’m not sure big sister will agree with the sentiment, but it is a stinking cute outfit that I couldn’t pass up.

Jon has already started calling him “Waylon.” (We will NOT be naming him Waylon.) And for the record, I was convinced we were having another girl. I had a name picked out and everything…talk about SHOCKED. I was speechless for quite a while after finding out; Jon, of course, has been smiling nonstop ever since. Heaven help us. ๐Ÿ˜‰


5 thoughts on “Itty Bitty Baby Duds for Waylon

  1. WOW, so excited for you both!! I am surprised that your motherly instinct were wrong, but proud to say that my cousinly ones were right on! LOL

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