My Must-Have Gardening Tool of the Season

Fact: It has been two years since I have stepped foot in our garden.

Fact: I ventured into said garden plot for the first time on Sunday afternoon, where I promptly discovered many long lost garden artifacts, including one sprinkler, one garden how, and 6 tomato cages.

Fact: When you ignore your garden for two seasons, it turns into a nursery for young trees.

Enter my favorite gardening tool of the season: my Fiskars bypass lopper.

My mom brought a pair of these when they visited last summer to trim some tree branches for me, and I fell in love with them, so I bought a pair for myself.  And on Sunday afternoon, they earned their keep by chopping down approximately 17 trees in the garden and around the garden fence.

There is just something satisfying about giving a decisive SNAP of the lopper and seeing a weed-like tree biting the dust.

Sidenote:  Please don’t misunderstand my affection for chopping down young saplings…I am a huge lover of trees.  I am NOT a lover of volunteer trees that resemble weeds and take root in my garden. 

We had quite the bonding time, my Fiskars and I.

(And JUST IN CASE any of you are interested in the stats of my lopper, they are 28″ and have a 1 5/8″ cutting capacity.  On, they’re priced at $23.99, at the moment.  They are fabulous.)

I didn’t quite get the entire garden thinned of trees because my pregnant, out-of-shape body got pooped, but that’s fine with me, because it gives me more trees to cut on another day.  It was the best Sunday afternoon I’ve had in a while.  🙂

When did I turn into a person who gets excited about weeding and pruning?  I don’t know, but I’m ok with it.


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