Houston, We Have a Problem

During the past few months, we’ve barricading Abby into the living room to keep her away from the blazing hot wood stove.  It started as a safety measure.

Oh, how I’ve come to love the barricade.  The barricade goes between the tv console and the sofa, and consists of two totes (full of her out-grown clothes) and a basket.  My child is a wanderer at heart (as most kids her age probably are), and frankly, it would be a full-time job chasing her around our house.  The barricade keeps her in a small little world…but she’s a small little girl, so in my opinion, she doesn’t need a big huge world to explore at the moment.

I was in the kitchen on Sunday and came around the corner toward the living room to see my child sitting on top of one of the totes, eyeing the ground on the other side as if trying to decide the best way to enter the promised land of freedom on the other side.

Sigh.  The days of our effective barricade are apparently very limited.  I knew this day would come eventually.  I’m gonna miss the barricade.  I don’t think my child shares my feelings.



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