Baby Steps Towards the Goal…

I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals lately, and being a better photographer is something I’ve been wanting to work on for quite a long time now…which probably isn’t a shock to most of you, since I blog about it pretty regularly.  :/

Wanting to get better at something is one thing…taking the time and steps to actually do it is something else.  At least for this girl.


So I’ve decided it’s time to take action and get serious about learning this photography stuff.  I know I’ve blogged about that before.  But I’m for real this time.  A while back I came across the Clickin’ Moms website, which has LOADS of online educational programs for photographers, from everything to shooting basics to how to use lighting or different types of software or Word Press.

I’m putting away all the books and how-to manuals I’ve purchased to date and I’m taking the plunge and am spending part of my garage sale earnings from last weekend to enroll in Shooting 101: The Best Darn Beginner Course Ever.  You have the option to either be a full participant or just a study along student; their courses tend to sell out super-fast, so I missed out on being able to register as a full participant, but I am totally ok with participating as a study along student this time around.  I’m super excited for April 30, which is when the course is slated to begin…can’t wait!



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