Amazing Recipe of the Week: Olive Garden Salad Dressing

If I could marry The Olive Garden, I would.

One of the best days of my life was learning that the Olive Garden was FINALLY coming to the Big City.

Best. Food.  Ever.

I could go on forever about my love for the garden de olives.  But lest this pregnant lady get sidetracked YET AGAIN over food, let’s just jump to the main purpose of this post.

This recipe for the Olive Garden salad dressing has been floating through Pinterest for quite a while, and I finally printed it off and tried it this weekend.

It was a glorious way to celebrate the return of my taste buds after the never-ending cold that had taken over my body.  Plus, it was easy peasy.  It only took me like 3 minutes, tops.  And those 3 minutes include the major distraction of watching my husband walk through the kitchen carrying a dirty diaper to the bathroom…with his pliers.

Sorry about that diaper tidbit.  I know this is a food post.  I’m just keeping it real.

Anyway, if you love the Olive Garden dressing…or if you’ve never tried it but like Italian-type dressing, try this one out.  You’ll not be disappointed!


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