The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow

When I was little, my all-time, #1 favorite movie in the whole world was Annie.  The 1983 version.  Classic.

We had a free movie channel this weekend, and Annie was on!!  Yippee!! I settled in with pizza, a Coke, and Doritoes (this pregnant lady’s favorite meal, not that I could taste it, thanks to my stinking cold) and watched it while Jon was out in the fur shed (he’s not the Annie type – I know that’s hard to believe).  And even my kid loved it.  A girl after my own heart.  Yes – the Annie tradition will carry on! I still knew every word to every song and sang at the top of my lungs, and Abby stood in front of the tv and did her bouncy happy dance during the entire movie.  It was fabulous.

I felt like I was 7 years old again.  Except I was really a 32 year old hormonal lady who cried during the movie as much as she sang.

Good times!


5 thoughts on “The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow

  1. I loved that movie, too! Such a great story and I LOVED the music. I was Annie for Halloween a year or two after the movie came out. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Jen. That is really sweet. : I can totally see Abby dressed up as Annie in a few years. She would be adorable! 🙂

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