Will it be a Boy or Girl?

People keep asking if we’re going to find out the gender of the baby.  And I have no idea.  We honestly haven’t even talked about it.  This pregnancy is so different than my first…as far as it just doesn’t feel real yet!  Most days it still doesn’t seem true that we’re having another kid in a few months.

So I don’t know if we’ll find out the gender.  I’d be ok with being surprised, but…time will tell.  I have a hunch about what we’re having, but who knows.

In the meantime, I do like to speculate a little about the gender by testing out a few old wives tales.  🙂

  1. Dry or soft? If your skin is dry, you’re having a boy.  Soft skin, and you’re having a girl.  I’ve had SUPER dry skin this winter.  BOY.
  2. What’s baby’s heart rate? If you’re carrying a girl, then baby’s heart rate will be above 140 bpm.  A boy will be under 140 bpm.  At last appointment, baby’s heart rate was 160.  GIRL.
  3. What kind of cravings?  Craving sweets?  It’s a girl.  Craving salty, sour foods?  It’s a boy.  I’m craving salty foods like mad.  BOY.
  4. Right or left?  If you sleep on your left side, you’re having a boy.  Sleep on your right side, it’s a girl.  I’ve been favoring my left side the past few moths.  BOY.
  5. Cold feet? If your feet are colder than they were pre-pregnancy, it’s a boy.  About the same – girl.  Mine are the same.  GIRL.
  6. Pimples, pimples.  If you get acne during pregnancy, it’s a girl, and if you don’t it’s a boy.  I have had lots of acne so far.  GIRL.  (But I had the best, clearest skin of my life when I was pregnant with Abby.  No fair.)
  7. How’s the Hair?  If your hair becomes thinner and dull, it’s a girl.  Full-bodied and glossy, it’s a boy.  Definitely yucky hair lately.  GIRL.  (But again, I had fabulous hair when pregnant the first time.  Sigh.)
  8. Do the math.  If you combine your age at the time of conception with the number of the month you conceived and the resulting number is odd – a girl is on the way.  Even number and it’s a boy.  My number was even.  BOY.
  9. Morning sickness?  Yes, it’s a girl, no it’s a boy.  I’ve been a little queasy in the evenings, just like I was with Abby.  GIRL.
  10. Hairy legs?  If hair on legs is growing faster than usual, it’s a boy.  Mine is definitely growing faster.  BOY.

So, there you have it.  Totally inconclusive results.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.  I need to work on having patience, anyway.


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