Rapid Trip to Rapid City

This weekend, Tresia and I made a whirlwind trip to one of my most favorite places in the whole wide world – Rapid City, SD.  The Big RC.

LOVE that city.  And I’ve missed it greatly…it’d been way too long since my last trip there.

Trying to talk my hubby into relocating there so I can move back.  OK, not really…but maybe we can have a vacation home there someday.  A girl has to have her dreams, right?  On our trip, Tresia and I planned it all out.  We’re going to take our hubbies and retire to the Black Hills and live next to each other so that we can carpool to the senior center for Bingo night.  Perfect!

Anyhoo.  I digress.

We traveled to the Big RC for a few reasons.

  1. We needed a girls weekend out of town without our kiddos.
  2. We heard about a HUGE indoor garage sale that’s held in RC annually, and decided the time was right to check it out.

So we headed out Friday and took our time driving up.  Made a few stops on the way there, including to the infamous Wall Drug, which is always fun.

Here’s Tresia with her new boyfriend.

And her groupies.

And her new BFF.

And her scary rabbit friend.

After we left Wall Drug, we ventured to the Badlands, where we saw this little gem of a sign:

(Which, of course, I had to send to my husband to my prairie dog loving husband(ahem)…but found out the hard way that the data plan on my phone does not work in the Black Hills area.  So just a little caveat to you iPhone-ers out there who may still be on an Alltel plan…when in western South Dakota, your phone will ONLY be a phone while in the area.  No apps, no internet, no texting, nada.)

So once we arrived in Rapid, we did some major shopping at their majorly fabulous new shopping area and the always fantastic Rushmore Mall, and then ate supper at the oh-so-yummy Fuddruckers.  Next we stopped in to see my good friends Amber and Jeremy.  Our visit was way too brief (I’ll just have to go back soon for another one, I guess!), but it was fabulous to see them and their kiddos.

Got a few hours of shut eye, then headed to Black Hills Bagels (which I have been craving for WEEKS now), and had the most divine breakfast EVER.  Tresia had this amazing cinnamon knot, which was topped with about a half pound of cream cheese topping (aren’t you just dying to stick your finger in that frosting??  YUM)…

And I had  “Hogs ‘n Chicks” breakfast bagel sandwich, of which I am still speechless over, three days later.  It was the BEST breakfast sandwich I have ever had.  We ate at 9 am and by 1 pm, I still wasn’t hungry, which is a small miracle for this pregnant woman.  Amazing.

From there…we went to the indoor garage sale!

Over 200 booths.  Big fun!  We both found some treasures…mine included a baby gate (yay!) and a double stroller (woo-hoo!).  There were loads of people at the sale, and we were tuckered out by the time we saw all the booths, but it was fabulous.  Totally worth the drive.

And so after the sale, we made one more last shopping stop, and then headed home.  It was a fast trip, but packed with goodness.

Unfortunately, I returned home to a very sick little baby and a husband who had metal shards stuck in his eye.  Not good.  Everyone’s on the mend now, thank goodness.  Good to be home!  🙂


4 thoughts on “Rapid Trip to Rapid City

  1. I love it!! I also found some good finds at the garage sale and I think the crowds were much thinner at noon than they were at 9 🙂 It was still pretty big but I would guess that it was a bit picked over by then. I did find a brand new black leotard for Kathryn for $5 – which she will need for ballet in 2 years. So, something I needed at a very reduced price and new – always a success at a garage sale! It was great to see you too! Maybe next time I will take a girls weekend and meet you at the big GI so I can meet Abby!

    • YAY for bargains! Glad you found some bargains, too! Abby and I would be so so so excited to meet up with you ladies for a girls weekend…that would be too much fun! Fingers crossed… 😉

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